An Introduction to ProofPilot

The core of ProofPilot is powerful web-based software developed over five years in consultation with leading researchers across multiple fields. The software has wide-ranging applications and is especially effective when supporting longitudinal research as it has in numerous recent studies conducted by academic institutions, government and public health entities, and consumer brands.

In contrast to traditional research methods, the ProofPilot application empowers researchers to ask complex questions and gather evidence quickly and easily. In addition to making research more enjoyable and productive, ProofPilot is flexible and adaptable – it accommodates a large and ever-expanding set of interventions and data collection tools.

Of course, conclusive research rests on strong participant engagement and retention. Unlike any other tool available to date, ProofPilot delivers to participants a well-designed and enjoyable experience of the kind provided by the very best online tools (including shopping, banking and social media applications).

Collaboration and data security are cornerstones of the research process, and ProofPilot provides for both. The user may easily invite colleagues both internal and external to help create and manage a study. And military-grade data security, dual factor authentication and redundancies protect sensitive data – IRBs worldwide have reviewed ProofPilot’s methodologies.

ProofPilot allows a researcher’s work to be guided by curiosity not by concerns about protocol deviation, software and storage, data security, logistics or incentive distribution. When combined with experienced customer support and access to various partners ready to assist, the ProofPilot application becomes an indispensable tool.

ProofPilot is exceptionally easy to use for a seasoned researcher or anyone with a question that demands a scientifically-valid answer – guiding the user step-by-step through the management of a study.

  • Create a study website (hosted by ProofPilot)
  • Select recruitment tools including social media
  • Define eligibility criteria
  • Set up the informed consent process
  • Create study arms
  • Select a randomization procedure, if needed
  • Define and schedule study events online (such as surveys, videos or chat) and offline (clinic visits and other events)
  • Pair incentives with event completion (procurement by ProofPilot)
  • Review recruitment progress on real-time dashboards
  • Launch your study to initiate the automated delivery of study events
  • Review task completion rates and early results
  • Make changes to protocol
  • Review data online as it comes in
  • Download a complete data set as often as desired
  • Perform basic statistical analysis within ProofPilot
  • Later, notify participants when study results are published

A few of the organizations who have partnered with ProofPilot to create innovative research projects:

Get to your next breakthrough swiftly and intelligently

  • Design your entire study in an afternoon
  • Launch months ahead of schedule
  • Rapidly adjust to changing conditions
  • Access traditional and new interventions – and let ProofPilot handle logistics
  • Sit back and let the data come to you
  • Drastically reduce concerns about protocol deviation
  • Participant dashboard provides a stylish point of access
  • Remind participants about tasks using their preferred method
  • Rewards are distributed automatically when earned
  • Physically secure data servers with ongoing and nightly backup
  • Data encryption protects data even in the case of intrusion of server facility
  • Dual factor authentication reduces fraud

Select your research concerns to learn how ProofPilot can elevate your work

Maintaining longitudinal relationships with participants takes a lot of time and money

ProofPilot was built to ease the heavy administrative burdens created by multiple interactions with study participants over time. Study events of all types are delivered to participants automatically, email and other reminders are sent automatically, rewards are distributred automatically, and so on.

Study design is slow and there’s no easy-to-use checklist to guide my work
Collaboration is difficult and involves sending files of plans and protocols back and forth over email
Incentive procurement and storage is a huge hassle

ProofPilot makes rewarding participants easy by allowing the researcher to select from a large array of gifts cards and promotional codes which are sent out upon completion of the associated task (and subsequent approval by the researcher). A number of convenient funding methods are available, none of which includes buying stacks of gift cards and locking them up in your office.

Low participant retention holds my research back
Utilizing the latest electronics / connected health devices in my study seems powerful but daunting
Online research presents a number of security and privacy concerns